Season of The Bruja

Season of the Bruja follows a young woman as she comes into her magical abilities and faces reemergent threats from the past.

From a young age, Althalia knew she would someday be the last of her kind—a bruja, tasked with keeping the power and stories of the ancient ways from fading fully into history. Never alone, Althalia works in a paranormal museum with her friends, a real-life Chupacabra and a were-coyote, while living with and caring for her beloved abuela. Through these powerful connections, her skills and knowledge grow. 

But the prejudice her people have always faced continues, and after a seemingly random encounter with a priest, Althalia feels the weight of hundreds of years of religious oppression coming down upon her and her abuela. She must realize her destiny and grow into it quickly if she is to prevent the church from achieving its ultimate goal—destroying the last bruja.

Writer: Aaron Duran
Artist: Sara Soler
Letterer: AndWorld Design’s Jaime Martinez
Colorist: Sara Soler

We exist in the stories we tell about others and, more crucially, about ourselves. Aaron Duran and Sara Soler aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, here — they’re showing us a different car, taking us on a different route. It’s a ride I’m delighted to be taking with them.

Greg Rucka